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30 May 2014, 9:11
HI Heath I am the administrator for my school and am responsible for upskilling the staff using Myportfolio. Is there a user manual available to purchase?
Fiona McNeill
03 May 2013, 9:59
Thanks for this morning Heath. I am loving using My Portfolio. How do I find the template area of My portfolio?
Tim Van Zyl
23 October 2012, 14:30
Hi Heath, cheers for the invite, finally get my head around this portfolio stuff.
Jenny Holland
11 April 2012, 17:57
Thank you for presenting the taster session on My Portfolio at Aberdeen yesterday. The members of our leadership team who were there were very impressed by the potential of this software for recording their own learning journey and organising their documents in one place. As the teachers become more proficient navigating the programme I am sure that we will begin to introduce it to our senior school as well. Thanks again for being available during your holidays to take this session.
Catherine Johnson
07 March 2012, 22:28
Hi Heath, Thank you so much for the session at Rangiora Borough. The myportfolio platform has given the group of 21 feeder schools to Rangiora High School renewed enthusiasm to make the seamless learning a reality. The passport to high school has had it's problems... but I believe it's the answer to enable this easy contact sustainable. Thanks again, Catherine
Paul Seiler
08 February 2011, 20:27
I like the ILP page, Heath. Coming on nicely.
Heath Sawyer
07 February 2011, 15:35
Blog Post from Nick Rate outlining recent news and developments with ePortfolios.
Heath Sawyer
31 January 2011, 19:50

Essential reading for anyone looking towards using or implementing eportfolios. Digital Portfolios -Guidelines for beginners (Ministry of Education) DigitalPortfoliosGuidelinesforbeginners.pdf