A Way To Use MyPortfolio With Young Learners

Young Learner


Tip when emailing secret URLs

When you email a secret URL to a parent copy yourself into the email. When the email 'lands' in your inbox move it to a folder called parents. The next time you want to re-send the secret URL find the original email andforward it back to the parents. This is much faster than navigating through the page to find the secret URL again.

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Using a Group

1. Create a group for each Year Level - suggested name would be 2011 - Year 1, 2012 - Year 1

2. Edit the group settings to being controlled membership, make all teachers for this Year group of students adminsitrators, and allow only adminstrators to create and manage pages.

3. Create a page, within the group, to use as a template for the school. Make the page copyable (under share page/advanced options).

4. Teachers go into group and copy template page. Rename for the student using a standardised format. Complete the page for the child, make it copyable, and create a secret URL to share with parents. WARNING: When you copy a page within a group any alterations you make to one text box will be applied to all text boxes in the group unless you select "Make a copy" from the green bar.

5. When students are old enough to have their own MyPortfolio account, create their account, make them members of the Year Group group (which gives then the ability to copy their pages) and then copy their pages out of the group and into their personal portfolios. Once this is completed remove the students from the group. You might want to do this in a 'masquerading role'. This allows you to keep a record for each year group for your school with limited ability for students to look at or copy other's pages.

Group Settings for Young Leaners