Use the Thinking Hats reflection to record your experiences and ideas about your last camp at _________________ School.

Red Hat

Feelings - How did you feel about being on camp and the activities?  How did you feel after challenging yourself?

Write your comments here.

Before camp:


White Hat

The Facts - What new things did you learn on camp? What did you learn about yourself?

Write your comments here.

Black Hat

The Negatives - What problems did you experience? How did/could you overcome these?  What did you least enjoy about camp?

Write your comments here.


Green Hat

Creativity - What suggestions do you have to improve camp? What new ideas do you have?

Write your comments here.

Yellow Hat

The Positives - What was good about camp? What are the advantages and benefits of challenging yourself and working as a team?

Write your comments here.

Blue Hat

Thinking - How can you use your new skills, and what you learnt about yourself, in class or in other things you do?

Write your thoughts here.



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