Playing with ideas that will allow students to create their own learning pathways.

Individual Learning Plan

I have been playing with the idea of integrating the functionality of existing systems into useful individual learning tools for students. I've started with the NZ Maths planning assistant and will see where it leads.


  1. Allow students to co-construct an ILP with teacher, based on learning needs.
  2. Create a Plan using tools like NZMaths, Asttle WhatNext.
  3. Import plan into MyPortfolio
  4. Gather evidence to support.

ILP - Numeracy -multiplication

ILP NZ Maths / MyPortfolio


  • To export the file into MyPortfolio I copied the html from the NZ MAths plan page and copied it into a text box (html) feature.
  • Students can edit the text box as well as follow links to their learning resources.
  • The difference with this approach is that the student has an account on NZMaths and is responsible for sourcing resources as well as collecting evidence to support their progress.
  • Age appropriateness: My gut feeling is that students at intermediate age could manage this process. The key is the relationship between teacher and student and their learning conversations.

Asttle What Next Matrix

The Asttle WhatNext tool has in my opinion not been utilised or developed to its' full potential. It provides students with the opportunity to map their own learning and access resources that will help them immediately.

Below I've added snapshots of what WhatNext looks like.

It would be amazing if students were able to look at their learning and navigate themselves towards resources that will meet their specific learning needs. Resources would also include MyPortfolio templates to help them record their progress.

The student clicks on their next learning level and is presented with a variety of  resources.

Matrices are also available for other Asttle tests.These matrices have not been updated from the 2007 draft curriculum.


Gerard MacManus
28 April 2011, 14:30

Interesting idea to allow students to gather evidence from nzmaths... can students create accounts on there easily enough?

Heath Sawyer
28 April 2011, 14:59

This has been trialled with a class with permission from NZMaths but accounts are typically meant to be for teachers only. If I could adjust the concept for a student perspective I would use a matrix to make searching easier and only include student ready resources as much of the information on the NZMaths site is surplus for students.

Gerard MacManus
28 April 2011, 22:34

do you think there could be the opportunity for nzmaths to create a student friendly version of the site? I like the idea of student planning there own maths development in conjunction with the teacher. Student ready resources and the link through to myportfolio would be an interesting mix and something which could grow to include the other curriculum areas.

Gerard MacManus
28 April 2011, 22:42

I like the idea of incorporating the e-asttle whats next, though i still believe that there are issues surronding e-asttle and its accessability and usability, SSO would help this al long way, strange usernames and silly passwords do not help it. Wrong track, sorry.

Also I could imagine students putting up in myportfolio their asTTle Individual Learning Pathways, along with the Whats Next Profile

Just had a look at the whats next profile from an e-asTTle report, and got this...

The what next? tool is currently undergoing reconstruction to include the following features:

  • Matrices aligned to the current National Curriculum
  • Links to additional tools and resources
  • An updated user friendly website.

We are hoping to have this completed by mid 2011.
In the meantime the current what next will still be available for you to use. It is important to note that the tool is not aligned to the national curriculum and therefore may not provide relevant and accurate resources for the National Standards.
Thank you for your patience

Heath Sawyer
29 April 2011, 10:53

Thanks for the feedback and link Gerard. This is something that I see value in following through with. As with many things it is often about timing, as the teaching as Inquiry model in our curriculum takes hold userability will hopefully require need for more tools for student-led learning pathways. If only educational content like nzmath and others were open source the opportunity for mashups would of great value to nz education.

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