Professional Relationships and Professional Values

Establish and maintain effective professional relationships focused on the learning and well-being of ākonga.

Key Indicators

i. Engage in ethical, respectful, positive and collaborative professional relationships with:

  • Learners;

- Teachers establish strong rapport and knowledge about their learners

- Relationships are key to creating a positive emotional environment inclusive of all students (TK Pride)

- learners feel safe and are encouraged to take responsible risks

  • Teaching colleagues, support staff and other professionals;

- Fully collaborates and shares with colleagues

- Is actively involved in sharing knowledge of curriculum and teaching techniques to improve own performance or to help others (e.g Learning Partner Observations)

- Adheres to the Te Kowhai School code of conduct as a positive way of enhancing relationships


  • Family/whānau and other carers of our learners;

- Positive partnerships with parents are evident  (TK Pride)

- Proactive strategies are used to ensure parents are kept informed and involved in their child's learning and class/school events

- Recognise and value the input of families/whanau to the school and their child's learning


  • Agencies, groups and individuals in the community


e-Learning - Supporting materials RTC 1


Professional Standards

  • communicate with families, whānau and caregivers
  • share information with colleagues
  • establish and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues

Reflective Question

1. What do I do to establish working relationships with my ākonga, their whanau and my colleagues and others to support the learning of those I teach?

2. How can I develop these relationships further?

3. How do I access/use personal information about students that may affect my teaching?

4. How do I/can I embrace e-learning to establish and develop working relationships with my students, their whānau, and my colleagues to support the learning of those I teach?


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