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This is a collection of pages where evidence against each of the Registered Teacher Criteria are kept.

What are the RTC's?

The Registered Teacher Criteria are standards for quality teaching that teachers in New Zealand must meet to gain and maintain registration.  These are included in the following documentation and have been edited and added to in order to reflect Te Kowhai's strategic direction.

The RTC are as follows;

Professional relationships and professional values

Fully registered teachers engage in appropriate professional relationships and demonstrate commitment to professional values.

1. Establish and maintain effective professional relationships focused on the learning and well-being of ākonga

2.Demonstrate commitment to promoting the well-being of all ākonga

3. Demonstrate commitment to bicultural partnership in Aotearoa New Zealand 

4. Demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional learning and development of personal professional practice

5. Show leadership that contributes to effective teaching and learning

Professional knowledge in practice

Fully registered teachers make use of their professional knowledge and understanding to build a stimulating, challenging and supportive learning environment that promotes learning and success for all ākonga.

6. Conceptualise, plan and implement an appropriate learning programme

7. Promote a collaborative, inclusive and supportive learning environment

8. Demonstrate in practice their knowledge and understanding of how ākonga learn

9. Respond effectively to the diverse language and cultural experiences, and the varied strengths, interests and needs of individuals and groups of ākonga

10. Work effectively within the bicultural context of Aotearoa New Zealand

11. Analyse and appropriately use assessment information, which has been gathered formally and informally

12. Use critical inquiry and problem-solving effectively in their professional practice

Professional Learning at Te Kowhai

The intention of this collection of pages is to serve as a repository for all professional learning.  In this way, it will also meet the requirements for appraisal at Te Kowhai School. Its purpose is to act as a collection point where evidence around Registered Teacher Criteria and Professional Standards are kept.  Our Teaching as Inquiry cycle will play a significant role in providing evidence along with ongoing professional learning from both internal and external sources and other relevant evidence.  



RTC Focus each year

2014: RTC 1, 7, 8, 12

2015: RTC 3, 4, 6, 10, 11

2016: PTC 2, 5, 9, 

Context for development...

  • Te Kowhai School annual goals (see Charter Overview)
  • Registered Teacher Criteria
  • Teaching as Inquiry action plan
  • Results of last performance review 

What is evidence?

Evidence is anything that you think shows that you are displaying any of the Registered Teacher Criteria.

It could include;

1. Personal reflections in response to your TAI focus or any other aspect of your own teaching and learning outside of this.

2. List of professional development undertaken

3. Discussion notes and feedback from professional learning observations (GROW sheets)

4. Formal Observations and appraisal documentation

5. Student voice (e.g; surveys, written feedback, videos, audio)

6. Anecdotal notes or relevant correspondence to/from parents

7. Records of planning for teaching and learning

8. Relevant achievement data (TAI sample group)


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