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* About ePortfolio:
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* Getting started
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*  How people use myPortfolio
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* ePortfolio and Language Learning
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Thank you Pascale for sharing your portfolio, it's a great help to me.
Kia ora Pascale I'm still exploring My Portfolio to see how we can maximise its use. I will send a link to our WAPA 2020 VLN group because I'd like you to see the resources and links we have there and how we could copy these over to our My Portfolio group. My head is still in the VLN! I don't know what's possible here yet. Ngā mihi Chris
Kia Ora Pascale To be working with such a diverse, talented group of thinkers should support some exciting initiatives in our schools. As leaders, we can be really effective, or not, so to learn with each other so we can support and challenge all the stake-holders we work with, so students succeed in learning, has to be something we strive for. We want a story that is worth telling, because it is authentic, we did learn, we did do things differently and students did succeed as a result! In the meantime, to become familiar with My Portfolio, is a great first step to organize how we are to capture the story!! Merci. Cherie Taylor-Patel
Thank you Pascale, I have found this workshop to be very useful & inspiring.
Learned many new and wonderful things. Thanks for that. Bob
This was a great day learning how to use my portfolio. I look forward to starting to use it to collect together some of the things I have done.
Thank you Pascale for a great day of exploring My Portfolio. I believe this will be really useful for some of our music standards. All the best!! Van.
Salut Pascale Je regrette que le temps passe si vite... Je voudrais bien partager des idées sur l'utilisation de VoiceThread quand tu as un peu de temps. Si tu veux montrer le travail de mes élèves aux autres, ça va - étant entendu que nous sommes très en phase d'apprentissage et aussi avoir défini le temps / contraintes technologiques!
Salut Pascale! students are now starting to get the hang of managing their files and uploading them into the content/files area, then putting them onto their page and sharing with me. Next time we skype, could we focus on how to organise a page for Moderation? Meanwhile, I'll have a look at the sample ones and give it a go. How are things going for you? Hope you have a great week ^^
Salut Pascale, Merci pour ta lecon particuliere sur MP vendredi. C'etait genial. En suivant tes conseils j'ai reussi a faire une belle page de lecture destinee a mes Annee 11. Je te la partage. ^. .^ =+=
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