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* About ePortfolio:
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* Getting started
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*  How people use myPortfolio
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* Tips and tricks
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* ePortfolio and Language Learning
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Thank you Pascale for sharing your portfolio, it's a great help to me.
Salut Pascale Je regrette que le temps passe si vite... Je voudrais bien partager des idées sur l'utilisation de VoiceThread quand tu as un peu de temps. Si tu veux montrer le travail de mes élèves aux autres, ça va - étant entendu que nous sommes très en phase d'apprentissage et aussi avoir défini le temps / contraintes technologiques!
Salut Pascale, Merci pour ta lecon particuliere sur MP vendredi. C'etait genial. En suivant tes conseils j'ai reussi a faire une belle page de lecture destinee a mes Annee 11. Je te la partage. ^. .^ =+=
Bonsoir Pascale - Hi from Twizel. Your updated profile page looks amazing.
Kia Ora Pascale, Thanks so much for your time yesterday. It was great to explore MyPortfolio alongside someone who has the expertise and knowledge about how to use this successfully.
All the best for your trip to Perth and the speaking slots. Do us proud!
Thanks very much for today, this has been just what I need to get myPortfolio up and running with my students. Brilliant :)
Just followed your instructions for a slideshow. Merci. works a dream. As you say, great to show progress.
OOps ... post below from Kilani is actually from me. I forgot I was logged on as a student to fix up his page.
Proud day to be French, Pascale, voting to put a spoke in Gaddhafi's wheel. :-)
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