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myPortfolio on a Tablet - Ten Point Check

Posted on 10 March 2012, 20:53
Last updated 12 March 2012, 21:48

I have heard quite a lot about BYOD this last week and that has prompted my to investigate if a tablet could potentially be suitable hardware to use myPortfolio.

Today I have tried myPortfolio on a Samsung Galaxy Tab, tethered to my phone for 3G.

** Disable JavaScript from Browser settings.
In Edit page mode, you can then edit existing blocks, but you can not drag and drop to add others
NB 1: Disabling JavaScript prevents loading many websites (eg: Youtube) - A work around, even if clumsy, would be to have myPortfolio opened on two different browsers, one with JavaScript disabled to allow for some page edits.  Or you can switch JavaScrip on/off and refresh in between actions.
NB 2: It appears that with JavaScript off I could not display a journal entry on a page. So it looks like Java off, select the block, then Java on, edit the block content.  Hum if one has too...

* MaharaDroid - This app is installed on my Android phone. I use it to uploads photos, videos, pdf, doc, xls etc straight to my Files (Content tab)(if the Share option doesn’t display Maharadroid, select file and see if Export does it)
For sound files, I have installed an MP3 recorder (
Hi-Q mp3 Recorder Lite). Mp3 files can be embeded in a myPortfolio page in a nice little player.

See this clip to connect the app and your myPortfolio account.

Right now you can only have one device linked to your myPortfolio account.  I am choosing to leave the App on my phone.

A few good threads are developing on the subject in the Mobile - Mahara Integration group. If this is a topic of interest, why not join in?

Here is an attempt at a page made on the tablet. Being totally new to tablet use, I did fiddle around a bit, as my touch is still a bit heavy...

I can now see that myPortfolio pages, journal entries, files could be managed from a tablet if a tablet was the chosen device.

Anyone with an Ipad to put it through to the same test? There is no equivalent to Maharadroid for IOs (as I write) what "in-between service" could be used if the upload capability is limited on the Ipad too? Last year I was looking at Posterous from my Iphone. Let me know if you check Ipad out by leaving a comment!


Ruhapu from the air


Pascale Hyboud-Peron
10 March 2012, 22:54

Commenting on my own  page... about as cool as rent a crowd. Just checking that the tab can do this too. 

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