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Getting Started Tips and Tricks ePortfolio and Learning Language


Reading and Resources to get started with and support of implementation of ePortfolios inc. myPortfolio (Mahara) in schools.

ePortfolios/myPortfolio in NZ

Presentations and Explanations, links to users

Digital Portfolio Guidelines for Beginners

Nick Rate's talks and 10 Steps Framework for developing ePortfolio in your school

Nick Rate's Blog Registered Teacher Criteria and ePortfolios 

Webinars include e-Portfolios in the classroom (14 June, 2012) MyPortfolio in the classroom (24 Oct, 2012)

Increasing Opportunities to Learn - yr 11-13 Music

Improving Engagement Yr 11 Geography

English at NCEA Level 3

Developing an ePortfolio approach

VLN ePortfolio discussion group

MyPortfolio Discussions Group (MyPortfolio account needed)

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    Published on 13 April 2015, 13:14
  2. MaharaUK2014: Keynote Live Streaming

    Published on 14 February 2015, 9:11
  3. e-Portfolio Implementations Toolkit / The e-portfolio implementation toolkit

    Published on 14 February 2015, 9:07
  4. Study Shows Steady Growth in ePortfolio Use; What Does That Suggest? - AAEEBL

    Published on 08 February 2015, 7:11
  5. Flexibility supporting large varied user groups- keynote Presentation #Mahara at #MahDE14

    Published on 04 February 2015, 9:45
  6. Mahara Hui 2015: Keynote by Sam Taylor

    Published on 04 February 2015, 9:43
  7. Tending to the Mahara feature request garden | The Curious and Wondering Eye

    Published on 11 January 2015, 22:01
  8. Digital Student Portfolios: A Whole School Approach to Connected Learning and Continuous Assessment

    Published on 07 August 2014, 7:05
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an Introduction to the ePortfolio approach to Parents

Please note: the Prezi above was created by Jamin Lietze. My name appears on it as I have had to copy it  to embed it here with Jamin's permission. Thank you Jamin for sharing so widely. Jamin blogs at Education Investigation where he reflects and illustrates his ePortfolio journey.

Supporting ePortfolio/myPortfolio implementation

eLearning Planning Framework

Curriculum Document, NZC. Effective Pedagogy - Teaching as Inquiry updated section 

how e-learning examples can be used to support the RTC

Online Course for all Students (Work in Progress)

Paul Seiler's Presentation at the ePortfolio Australia Forum

How to use Mahara (myPortfolio is an instance of Mahara)

Recipes to use Mahara in a range of settings. Review


Conversation style information, examples and all section devoted to Implementation. Review

International Resources

Dr H. Barrett Research and Blogs, including ePortfolio development in Schools

What are ePortfolios?

Allison Miller's Collection of Mahara ePortfolio examples

Don Presant's ePortfolios in 2012


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