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This page was shared by a year 8 teacher, who put it together to display what a student portfolio could look like.While this is not Language specific, it provides great inspiration.  Please note the variety of artifacts, all pretty low tech yet very effective. And by clicking on each you can place feedback on individual items. What students' work could be featured this way in your class? Who's job is it to populate such a page?

My Y8 Portfolio

Name : John Smith

School: Some Intermediate

Year 2006

You can either make a comment on this page using the "Feedback" at the bottom of the page or you can leave a comment on each item by clicking on the item going to the bottom of the item's page.


  • All items are either scanned or photographs
  • The description field was used as a reflection for for all images and displayed for each.

Art - A clay hedgehog

A clay hedgehog. My friends though this was the best in the class. I thought it looked very professional.

Maths - Stats

Stats was my favourite. My work was thorough and accurate.

Woodwork - Box

This box was one of the best in class. The lid opened on a hinge with a smooth action.

Options - Finishing touches

I always put effort into my drawings and adding the finishing touches. My research was also thorough.

English - Sentences

I like English and always tried to get things right. Writing stories was my favourite.

Science - Experiments

I enjoyed Science, especially the experiments.

Art - A clay bowl

This was my first pottery item. A bowl with a glaze for paperclips and other things.

Group Work

I enjoyed working in groups. My teachers thought I made a good contribution to them.

Art - A clay shoe

An intereesting looking shoe, but the teacher liked it. It was my second pottery item.

Art - Line Drawing

Options - Own notes

These are my own notes I had to make during the lesson. The teacher said they were good. Well layed out and easy to follow.

Maths - A test

Maths was one of my strongest subjects. I managed to get 100% in most of my tests even those that the others found difficult.

Woodwork - Pencil box

I found making this pencil box easy and enjoyable. My work was neat and well finished off.

English - Reading

The teacher was always happy with my reading and answering the questions.

Maths - Times tables

I know my times tables well. I guess it is because I worked so hard in Y8. My work was always complete and correct.

Art - A clay figure

A Hurricanes rugby player. Good fun in pottery classes. Lots of messy work.

Creative writing.

I was creative in my writing and had a good imagination.

Art - A clay lion

A lion face. I like the way it came out. Looks pretty much like a lion.


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