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The purpose of myPortfolio101 is to facilitate easy access to and use of myPortfolio for Learning Languages teachers for  both assessment for and of learning. It is not intended to replace the information already existing, but to create a step by step guide for those who may consider themselves to be even more of a beginner than the myPortfolio site assumes.

Using myPortfolio as a storage tool for evidence showing compliance towards .3 and .5 NCEA achievement standards has been the starting point for many teachers to consider this tool.  However purpose and use by both teacher and student are multifaceted and long term, for example teaching as inquiry (TAI) and student learning as inquiry initiatives.

The opportunity for this group of teachers and educators to create this step by step guide has arisen out of the NLC (Networked Learning Cluster) initiative 2011.

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What is an ePortfolio?

Let's Do It!

What do I need?

  • An account with www.myportfolio.school.nz

    The first thing you will need to do is register your school with myPortfolio. You can either do this yourself, or ask your school IT technician to do this for you. There are a few set-up options available to you. If you are setting your school up yourself, please see the file "If you are the administrator" in the Essential Stuff section below.
  • Access to a computer lab/computers

    You will need to spend a lesson introducing myPortfolio to your students. It would be best in a computer lab or in one machine per user situtation, as you will need to guide your students through some simple set-up procedures. Please see the file How do I introduce it to my students’ below.

You may also find that you want your students to log on to their portfolio simultaneously at times. This could be useful for group work or to provide all students with the opportunity to use  their portfolio, so that even students with no computer access at home can keep an ePortfolio.

Case Study:
At Hamilton Girls’ High School, students in a Year 11 language class have the opportunity to work on their ePortfolio for one 50 minute period per fortnight. This means that even those students who can’t access the internet at home get a chance to log on. The teacher either books them into a computer lab, or uses their ‘Computers On Wheels’ laptops.

 See below for Essential Technical Stuff.

How do I introduce myPortfolio to my students?

What kinds of things can we use an ePortfolio for?

A few ideas to make use of myPortfolio.

Includes a range of tools to investigate and trial.

Curriculum Collation Documents

Access curriculum collation documents for Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish through this link.

Where to From Here?

Suggestions to take myPortfolio further:

  • Using Journals for Reflection and Goal Setting
  • Using the secret URL to share with Parents/Whanau
  • Using Forums and Pages within a Group
  • Teachers and Cross Marking (Internal Moderation)
  • Documenting Professional Learning
  • Provisionally Registered Teachers


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