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Suggestions to convert Video Files using FREE encoding software so that they can upload and display on a myPortfolio page.

Embed video files  and/or link video files from an external site on a myPortfolio page.


To display your video file using the myPortfolio Embedded Media block, the file must be either .flv or .mp4 (compressed H264) AND must be under 50MB in size!

Your source file may already be .mp4, but it must be encoded with H.264 to play in the Embedded Media block and shrank to below 50MB to upload to myPortfolio.

Converting video files to smaller files/other formats may result in some slight video quality loss.

TIP: once your files are shrank and you are satisfied with size/format, delete the large original files of your computer/server/device: save space for other things!

Converting Video Files on a Windows computer

Download Free Format Factory

Launch Format Factory

TIP: How to convert using Format Factory video

Select All to FLV 320 x240 from the Video dropdown menu (Left hand side of screen)

Select Add file, select you file.

Choose where your converted file goes in Output folder

Select Start.

Wait till done, then check file has converted properly by playing it

TIP: Format Factory also convert sound files to .mp3 (compatible with the Embedded media player) and picture files (if the pictures you get from your camera are too big to upload, convert them to .png)

Converting Video Files on a Mac


Download Free Video Monkey

Launch Video Monkey

Drag the video file and drop it in the content area (blue and white stripes)

In Convert To drop down menu select Flash (.flv) under video format

In quality, drag the cursor between Low and Standard. Keep an eye on File Size above the blue and white stripes: remember that it must be below 50MB

Then select Start (green button left hand corner above the blue and white stripes)

TIP: your converted file will be save in the same folder as your original file.

Wait till done, then check file has converted properly by playing it


Download Free MPEG Streamclip

Launch MPEG Streamclip

Drag the video file into the grey box

Go to File
Choose Export to MPEG-4
In Compression choose H.264
in Frame size choose Other 320 x 240

then click on Make MP4
Change name in Save As box
Indicate Where you want to save it

Encoding a video file takes time, be patient! (you can close the exporter view if you want to while you wait)

Wait till done, then check file has converted properly by playing it.

What you can do with this page!

Hosting Video Files outside myPortfolio

Vimeo, youtube are possible sites where video files can be hosted.

Check which hosting site can work for you in your school.
Videos uploaded to Vimeo and youtube must be public to be able to be linked to myPortfolio (see document below about Vimeo)
By uploading videos to either of these sites you can:

  • save space on your myPortfolio user account
  • bypass some of the file format issues (a wide range of format can be uploaded to those sites)
  • bypass some of the files size issues (uploading to these hosting sites will depend on the speed of the Internet you are working on)

TIP: you may choose to host your video files on external sites but still have to convert them to a smaller file size to allow for faster upload.

An example with Vimeo


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