Performance Management using MyPortfolio

Using MyPortfolio for Performance Management - A Process
MyPortfolio is an appropriate tool for Performance Management for several reasons.
  • It provides more options via multimedia to record evidence of practice.
  • It provides a more wholistic approach to performance management, allowing teachers to use evidence of practice in a range of situations including formal appraisal, informal reflection on the Teaching as Inquiry Cycle and Job applications. For provisionally registered teachers it provides the tools for gaining full registration. It may also provide a clear process for schools / teachers involved in competency issues.
  • MyPortfolio is a lifelong learning tool that provides teachers with a platform to use relevant information for their experience and professional development in a range of contexts over time.
  • It provides a secure and flexible electronic form of communication.
  • MyPortfolio is community based providing the opportunity for teachers to join learning groups that meet specific needs possibly not available within an individual school.