MyPortfolio taster session

by Heath Sawyer
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Welcome to my MyPortfolio taster session page.

It is impossible to cover all the information and  practical skills involved with MyPortfolio during this session. I advise that you bookmark this page and return to it, to work through the various skill tasks. Each task has a video explaining the steps.

I encourage you also to:

  • Join the Diigo group for MyPortfolio for information relating to ePortfolios and MyPortfolio.
  • Fill in the feedback form on this page.
  • Become familiar with help and support  for MyPortfolio.

Task 1: Edit your profile

Create a Learner Profile

Task: Begin building an e-portfolio that contains essential information about you as a person, and as a teacher. We will use this the same way a student would use a learner profile.

Teacher profile example 1

Edit your profile video

Download MyPortfolio profile task.mp4 [2.31MB]

Task 2: Create a Journal

Create a journal called 'MyPortfolio taster session'.

Create a jounal entry called 'Application of MyPortfolio in the classroom' and add some of your thoughts.

Add a journal video


Task 3: Find a friend

In this task you will search for a friend and send a friend request.

Extra: Find other members from the taster session.

Find and add a friend video

Download MyPortfolio add a friend.mp4 [1.49MB]

Task 4: Create a page

Students create pages to demonstrate their learning in easy steps
  1. build that page with blocks and artefacts
  2. name the page
  3. share the page

Creating pages video

Task 5: Share a page with a friend

The video above takes you through the steps of sharing your page. Try sharing it with a friend you have made or make it public.

Creating templates


You can create a template so that students can simply copy the page and fill in the blanks. This video will show you how to prepare for that.


Template examples:

Key Competency template

Leaving feedback


You can leave feedback on a document in a page or on a whole page.

This feedback can be private or public.

Creating Groups


Groups are a great way to build an online community. You can get students to join your class group to make it easier to communicate with them, to contact you and to share with each other.

Inside the group you can create group views, use forums, journals and save files.

Help and support

There are a number of ways to find relevant help and support, whether you are looking for a simple 'how-to' answer or you're needing some inspiration.

  • On the home page you will find links and resources. This has a variety of reference sources.
  • Find groups that meet your needs.
  • Support page.

For training and support with your ePortfolio and broader eLearning requirements please contact:

Craig Eves: Your point of contact for MyPortfolio

Heath Sawyer


Essential Reading

Guidelines for ePortfolios - Ministry of Education

Student Voice - How student voice effects teaching practice.

Taster session introduction

(Flash animation)
Download MyPortfolio taster intro.swf [0.29MB]

Making sense of ePortfolios

(Flash animation)

Links to the NZ Curriculum - ePortfolios at a glance

(Flash animation)
Download ePortfolios at a glance.swf [1.14MB]

The Basics

(Flash animation)

My Career Portfolio

Student examples Year 7 / 8

(Flash animation)

Getting started - Performance Management / Appraisal

(Flash animation)

ePortfolio rubric

Personal / Professional use of MyPortfolio

MyPortfolio jigsaw - some key words

Click the image to open the puzzle in a new window.

myportfolio puzzle

Professional ePortfolio: Benefits for teachers

(Flash animation)

Student voice

Classroom / Teacher Examples

Mark Osborne Albany Senior High School

Jon Bowen

Helen Moran

- Example templates and reflections


This example is based on the Writing standards up to Year 8. It provides an instructional page for teachers and has a supporting template that students will use to demonstrate their knowledge and delivery of the criteria.

Diigo Group for MyPortfolio

folder Join the Diigo Group for MyPortfolio.

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Papanui HS User Guide - Download

Extending Moodle using Mahara

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