My writing is called

Insert name of your writing sample

It is an

Describe what type / genre of writing this is.

I wrote it to ....

Explain your purpose for writing

My learning goal(s) were

Explain what you were focusing on to improve your writing.

I achieved

Explain how you met your goal(s) in your writing. In your example you could use highlighting to give examples.

Next steps

Explain what you need to focus on in future writing.

Replace this block

Replace this text box with examples of your writing.

This could include:

  • Brainstorming, mindmapping or idea creation around your topic.
  • Links to or examples of texts that helped you with your writing.
  • Drafts of your writing with editing, shaping or feedback.
  • Links to an online version of your writing.
  • An image of your writing


You will need to share this example with your teacher.