Registered Teacher Criteria

Professional relationships and professional values

RTC1 - Professional Relationships

Reflective question: What do I do to establish working relationships with my äkonga, their whänau and my colleagues and others to support the learning of those I teach?
Check full SAT for RTC1 here

[Teacher response here]

Evidence 1

Empty folder

RTC2 - Promotion of well-being

Reflective question: How do I show in my practice that I actively promote the well-being of all äkonga for whom I am responsible?
Check full SAT for RTC2 here

[Teacher response here]

Evidence 2

Empty folder

RTC3 - Commitment to bicultural partnership

Reflective question: How do I reflect in my professional work respect for the cultural heritages of both Treaty partners in Aotearoa New Zealand?
Check full SAT of RTC3 here

[Teacher response here]

Evidence 3

Empty folder

RTC4 - On-going professional learning

Reflective question: How do I continue to advance my professional learning as a teacher?
Check full SAT for RTC4 here

[Teacher response here]

Evidence 4

Empty folder

RTC5 - Show leadership

Reflective question: How do I help support my colleagues to strengthen teaching and learning in my setting?
Check full SAT for RTC5 here

[Teacher response here]

Evidence 5

Empty folder

Professional knowledge in practice

RTC6 - Learning programmes

Reflective question: What do I take into account when planning programmes of work for groups and individuals?
Check full SAT for RTC6 here

[Teacher response here]

Evidence 6

Empty folder

RTC7 - Learning environment

Reflective question: How does my teaching practice promote an environment where
learners feel safe to explore ideas and respond respectfully to others in the group?
Check full SAT of RTC7 here

[Teacher response here]

Evidence 7

Empty folder

RTC8 - Knowledge of how akonga learn

Reflective question: How does my teaching reflect that I understand the main influences on how my äkonga learn?
Check full SAT of RTC8 here

[Teacher response here]

Evidence 8

Empty folder

RTC9 - Responsivity

Reflective question: How does my knowledge of the varied strengths, interests and needs of individuals and groups of äkonga influence how I teach them?
Check full SAT for RTC9 here

[Teacher response here]

Evidence 9

Empty folder

RTC10 - Bicultural context

Reflective question: In my teaching, how do I take into account the bicultural context of teaching and learning in Aotearoa New Zealand?
Check the full SAT for RTC10 here

[Teacher response here]

Evidence 10

Empty folder

RTC11 - Assessment and learning

Reflective question: How do I gather and use assessment information in ways that advance the learning of my äkonga?
Check full SAT for RTC11 here

[Teacher response here]

Evidence 11

Empty folder

RTC12 - Inquiry

Reflective question: How do I advance the learning of my äkonga through critical inquiry within my professional learning?
Check full SAT for RTC12 here

[Teacher response here]

Evidence 12

Empty folder


Anton Coltham S_Tchr
13 May 2011, 11:52

Two of our schools (so far) will be making use of this page for their RTC reflection and uploading evidence. I'll add further feedback on how it goes. If anyone can foresee any issues please add feedback to this page.

The page is based on the one that has been around for a while. The changes have been

  • the image is in a text box and resides on the WeLCom site for two reasons. One I kept loosing access right to the image?? Second it made the copying of the page easier.
  • each criteria is linked to it's own folder and appears below each reflection.

All teachers have had this page added to their own pages and the folders setup (process takes about 2 minutes per teacher for admin to do). We preferred to go this route as we didn't feel that teachers (not using Mahara in their teaching) needed the hassle of learning the package.

All teachers have to be shown is

1. For this page - how to edit a text box.

2. How to upload a file.

  • From Dashboard click Files
  • Go to relevant (premade) folder - rtc1, rtc2, ..., rtc12
  • Tick copyright box, browse for file and double click.

And that's it - the file (evidence) will automatically be displayed in the correct slot on the page.

If you want to see how the admin adds a page to another teachers page and sorts out all the folder then watch this screencast.

The WeLCom course page that has the resources linked to from this page will remain with open access. (One problem is that the URL will change when we upgrade to Moodle 2 at the end of the year.)

Sue McLachlan
29 June 2011, 11:26

This is fantastic - thanks!

Anton Coltham S_Tchr
07 July 2011, 15:55

Teacher sessions went extremely well with positive feedback regarding the ease of use.

Concerns were about web security and about having to convert everything into electronic versions.

Reassurance was given that the security was sufficient for what was being uploaded/entered and teachers were advised not too add any details that they felt would put them at risk. (personal detail, emotional rants ...)

Compromise was made with the electronic evidence. Teachers could refer to evidence in that they had "on a shelf in the workroom".

$$$ girl
24 January 2016, 5:02

Jan Tchr
30 January 2016, 17:07

Can an individual fully reg ece tchr
use this site as an individual to keep their folder up to date/current?  If so what do I do?

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