Account archiving April 2018

We are dedicated to give everyone using MyPortfolio a good experience. That shows itself in various ways:

  • Make regular updates to MyPortfolio for new and changed features that enhance the portfolio work.
  • Improve the usability of the site by engaging with Mahara community members to find out pain points and implement solutions.
  • Keep data safe and in New Zealand so that no overseas entities use it for data mining purposes.
  • Answer questions that can't be answered by institution administrators as part of the help desk support.

MyPortfolio has been used by over 1,750 schools since 2008 when it was established. That is an impressive number, and it is great to see that ePortfolios are becoming more important in learning for students and also play an increasing role in teacher appraisals.

Not every school is using MyPortfolio though anymore, and there are lots of accounts on the site that have been abandoned, either because students graduated and accounts were not removed, students or teachers moved schools and didn't take their accounts along having a new account created, or schools are not using MyPortfolio anymore.

Some of these portfolios may have been shared publicly and are not monitored for comments or have outdated information that should not be available anymore.

Therefore, we are looking into archiving old accounts from MyPortfolio that have not been used since 1 January 2016. This means that accounts that haven't been logged into since 1 January 2016 will be removed on 3 April 2018.

What does that mean for you?

If you have logged into MyPortfolio since 1 January 2016, you don't have to do anything and continue with your portfolios on MyPortfolio as you were.

If you have not logged into MyPortfolio since 1 January 2016, your account will be archived offline. That data will be kept for 1 year in case you do need to have your portfolio retrieved. You can contact us after 3 April 2018 if you missed the deadline to log into your account to keep it active, and we can get your personal portfolio content back.

You can keep your account active by logging into MyPortfolio before 3 April 2018.

People who are affected by the cut off date of 1 January 2016 will receive a notification to their primary email address that is listed in MyPortfolio as they may not see this notification otherwise.