New features

Welcome to the new school year! MyPortfolio has a number of new features in store for you for 2019. They will be made available on 30 January 2019. You can find out about all the changes in the last two releases of Mahara, the software underlying MyPortfolio, at:

Here we are giving you a small selection of important changes for those of you who've already been using MyPortfolio.

Rotate images

When you upload an image to MyPortfolio, it can be that it is not displayed in the correct direction, especially when uploaded from a mobile device. You can now rotate the image in your files area, and it is always displayed correctly in your portfolios.

Rotate an image in the files area

Link to a page in your personal portfolio

You can link to another page in your personal portfolio in a text box, note, or anywhere else where you have a visual editor, by selecting the page from a link list. Displayed are only pages from your personal portfolio, not any group, institution, or site portfolios.

Note that the linked page needs to be visible to the people who have access to the page from which you are linking for them to view it. The sharing permissions on the linked page are not updated automatically to match the current page.

Link to an internal page in your personal portfolio

Update a plan via a page

When you work with plans (not PLDs), you can update them directly on a portfolio page and have the adding and editing options available. You can also mark items as completed in both edit and display mode.

Edit a plan on a page

Save versions to a timeline

You can save versions of your portfolio page to a timeline. This allows you to go back in time to view what your portfolio looked like then. You can save the current state of a portfolio to the timeline by clicking the "More options" button when in display mode of a page and then enter the timeline via the same menu.

Please note that this feature is still experimental.

Save to timeline

Menu change

The menu structure in the main menu and user menu changed to make it easier to see everything belonging to a personal portfolio in one area.

New main navigation

The new category items in the main menu are:

  • Create: Content items you can use in your personal portfolio; portfolio pages and collections
  • Share: Giving other people access to your portfolios and seeing which portfolios you can view
  • Engage: Connecting with others in groups
  • Manage: Export and import portfolios

Create a page via tags

If you tag your content, you can create a portfolio page automatically based on one or more tags and have it populated with all the content you have. If you choose one tag, everything tagged will be displayed. If you select more than one tag, every content item that has all these tags will be added to your portfolio page.

This is a one-time action. When you add more items with the tag that you used to create a page, they will need to be added to the page manually or again by using the "Create via tags" functionality.

Once all your content items are on the page, you can move them around and also delete as needed.

Create a page via tags

Template creation

You can set instructions for a page in the newly added "Instructions" area in the page settings' "Advanced" panel. These instructions are visible on the "Edit" page and can also be seen when displaying a page.

You can also lock blocks so students can't delete blocks from the page. This is useful in the beginning scaffolding stages so that content is not removed from a page accidentally. Blocks can still be moved around on the page. The setting can also be reverted by a portfolio author if needed.

Page instructions and lock blocks

For administrators

When objectionable content was reported on a portfolio page, you can temporarily disable the access to that portfolio until the problem has been resolved.