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EducampAkl learning about the Why of Myportfolio.

Educampakl learning about the Why of Myportfolio.

Educampakl took place on Saturday August the 6th from 10.00am until 4.00pm.

For more information about educamp please visit the website

The twitter hashtag used #educampakland it featured on the twitter trending map for Auckland.  You can also contact Fiona for more information.

The session was great to catch up with educators from my personal learning network, put names to twitter faces and to make connections with other efellows.

Each time I attend I take away a tool to work with and to develop learning using the tool. I reflect on where I am in my learning and teaching journey and identify areas to further develop understanding of my teaching practice.

I am much more conscious about using tools that foster online real time collaboration such as using titanpad.

Yes I love the geeky tools such as voki and soundcloud to name two of my favourite current tools. But know my own thinking about using whizzy and banging tools is evolving and changing.

My focus for attending educampakl was to make connections with other educators using ‘Myportfolio’ and who can show me evidence of how they were using it with teachers and students. I am aware that we, as a school, have been investigating online sites where staff can come together in a closed area, or can share their resources using the creative commons liscence in an open way. We have been on this journey for a few years trialing wikispaces, blogger and other google tools. We played a little with ultranet but non of these tools seemed to meet all of our current needs and each seemed lacking in evolving with us as we grew in our own learning and understanding.

I have been persevering with ‘Myportfolio’ and growing my own understanding of what our purpose for using an eportfolio are.

The tools for us need to be safe enough for our children like using superclubsplus but many online tools are really not safe enough for our primary aged children. Yes many wonderful tools can demonstrate the end product. But because we are focusing on the process of learning and having somewhere that talks to everything and allows us to lock down or release as required ‘Myportfolio’ appears to have the technical framework we are looking for.

I spent a couple of hours inside the sites of two stunning educators who showed me the ongoing reflection on their practice. Paul introduced me to Pascale and Cheryl. They were not as interested in the geek side of using tools but on the reflection, collaboration and making connection that takes place inside ‘Myportfolio’. They patiently answered all my questions and what I liked best of all was I would ask- ‘Can you show me the evidence of ….. ‘ and they both did.

Too often as educators we focus on the end product. But one major learning from Pam  I have had since I have been using SOLO Taxonomy as my learning framework and since I have been using the HOT Rubrics to reflect on my practice is being able to understand my thinking about eportfolios. 

Therefore being able to document the process of learning and being able to reflect on the learning process ‘Myportfolio’ looks like being the tool to use.

If I think of SOLO Taxonomy ‘Myportfolio’ is like using a relational HOT Map- yet within the system I can connect and reconnect my learning to come up with an overall understanding of my new learning. I can use ‘Myportfolio’ to reflect and to identify my next steps because I can visually see the gaps in my learning. I can identify areas that I need to work on.

It is this part of ‘Myportfolio’ that I particularly find interesting. I can use ‘Myportfolio’ to identify my new learning. I can use ‘Myportfolio’ to highlight my strengths. I can use ‘Myportfolio’ to showcase my work and to share my practice for teaching and learning. I can identify what the next stage of my learning looks like. I have self efficacy because I am in control of my own learning.

I found this great video which sums up my understanding.




Gerard MacManus
07 August 2011, 8:33 PM
Stephen Lethbridge
09 August 2011, 9:13 AM
Heath Sawyer
11 August 2011, 9:46 AM

Enjoyed reading your reflection. This type of thinking is what we're trying to promote in MyPortfolio. There is a SOLO Taxonomy group of which Pam Hook is an administrator. It would be great to see some of your examples and school stories in this group to encourage discussion and a deeper understanding of what the tool can achieve.

Mrs Van Schaijik
12 August 2011, 5:29 PM

Hi Heath,

I already am a member of the SOLO Group.

We have some of our presentations and ideas on our SOLO wikipspace and this talks back to our Sustained Wikispace.

At this stage am still exploring myportfolio and learning its secrets.