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Big Picture

Our classrooms are changing fast, the range of abilities and behaviours are increasingly challenging us as we attempt to teach everyone in each of our classes, providing for each individual students learning needs within their cultural context. How do we keep all learners engaged and excited about their learning? How do we utilise technology, the school direction and values, and our unique natural environment to promote and authenticate learning experiences? What can focusing on gifted and talented students achieve for them and for all learners in our classrooms? What affect would valuing our gifted and talented learners have on the culture of our school?


A Provisional Plan

  • Engage support for GATE at WHS from the Board of Trustees, the community and students. This also means understanding GATE from a cultural perspective with specific identification of Maori student giftedness as a means to explore raising Maori achievement, and the achievement of all students at WHS. Under-achieving gifted and talented students, and giftedness in students with special learning needs are included in this process. 
  • Connect with other West Coast schools and understand their approaches to implementing GATE programmes, and establish a professional 'community of practice' network to support teachers across the West Coast. Investigate and engage with regional and national professional learning and development opportunities.
  • Establish a practical framework of programmes for GATE at WHS, formalise identification of gifted and talented students, both broadly and in individual subject/learning areas, and establish a GAT student register
  • Run a 'communittee workshop' evening with food for whanau to discuss GATE, including Maori perspectives, and set a framework for consultation with family as an essential part of the identification process.
  • Transition identified GAT students and their families into the secondary school setting as part of the induction process from local primary schools.

Ministry of Education Information

The National Education Guidelines (NEGs) and the National Administration Guidelines (NAGs) form the 'umbrella' (appropriate West Coast metaphor??!) for everything that happens in a New Zealand school. I've included aspects of these below that relate directly to the implementation of support for identifying gifted and talented students and enabling them to have effective and appropriate learning experiences.


Each board of trustees is required to foster student achievement by providing teaching and learning programmes which incorporate The National Curriculum as expressed in The New Zealand Curriculum 2007 or Te Marautanga o Aotearoa.

Each board, through the principal and staff, is required to:

(c) on the basis of good quality assessment information, identify students and groups of students:

  1. who are not achieving;
  2. who are at risk of not achieving;
  3. who have special needs (including gifted and talented students); and
  4. aspects of the curriculum which require particular attention;

(d) develop and implement teaching and learning strategies to address the needs of students and aspects of the curriculum identified in (c) above


The highest standards of achievement, through programmes which enable all students to realise their full potential as individuals, and to develop the values needed to become full members of New Zealand's society.


GATE Review @ WHS

In 2011, I was tasked with reviewing 'where we are at' as a school, with gifted and talented education (GATE). Staff surveys were completed, analysed and shared with staff to gauge opinions, experiences and potential directions. I have been asked to help coordinate and implement a GATE programme in 2012, to meet the needs of our students, which I hope will align with the revised school direction and values.


GATE & Students

"Gifted and talented learners are those with exceptional abilities relative to most other people. These individuals have certain learning characteristics that give them the potential to achieve outstanding performance". MOE, 2001.


Student Needs Analysis

Gifted student questionaire

Follow this link and complete the needs analysis questionaire, to get a personalised report. Discuss this report with your parents, whanau, and teachers.


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Changing Paradigms


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