Contains info from the first cluster meeting for 9fnj.

Teachers present

Fnj absent/apology. Mtc, Wla, Dks.

Discussion of riding tests

You should have been provided with a riding list about students in the class, produced by Alana Davis from the Student Support Centre.

Take time to decipher the information and discuss how it may influence the way in which you may approach the students or the teaching of the class.

A master copy of this information is in the 'Files' part of this group.

Early Observations

From Fnj - Kaleb eager to please, Katie and Ryan voted in as ths class captains, generally great class I reckon, all pretty eager to work/please.

Some concern about Kaleb academically (especially maths) and dental hyigene.

We need to watch Luke and make sure he is completing his work. He tends to daydream and move into his own world. Also, some historical antagonism between Luke and Lisa, mostly in fun, but observe.

Issac needs watching as we think he's won't ask if he doesn't know what to do. We have read the letter about him and see that he has dyspraxia and anxiety. We will quietly support him. He is sitting at the front in English and Social Studies, so this will help.

Routines adopted by classroom teachers

From Fnj - 4 golden rules (will explain later.)

Line up. Equiptment out with out starting.

In English they start with a "Do Now" which they start without being told.

Use of the class log book

Class log books are designed to give students, the form teacher and the Dean immediate feedback on each student's progress in key areas. A grade of P (Praise), U (unsatisfactory) or no grade can be entered in a column. Praise postcards are sent home on the basis of the number of P grades attained by individuals.

Keeping students with U grades:

Mon / Tue / Fri - U's kept at the end of period 6

Wed/Thur - U's kept at the end of period 4

One teacher from the group will need to keep students who recieved U's. Discuss which days will be managed by each staff. Try to share out the time so each staff member has a manageable load.

Day Teacher

Teachers need to clearly inform students if they get a P or a U grade. It would be useful if teachers of the class decided how they award P and U grades.

Praise Grades (P)

Basis awarded:


Method of notifying students:

Unsatisfactory Grades (U)

Basis awarded:


Method of notifying students:


Cross-Curricular Unit

It has been decided that a cross-curricular unit will be undertaken at some time during Year 9.  As a group, you will be able to choose the theme of the unit, the length (1 or 2 weeks) and when it will occur.  In the past, some groups chose to complete the unit at the end of the last term, whereas others opted to spread this throughout the year.  Themes chosen have included Feast & Famine, Early Settlers and Water.  Please think about what you would like to do so this can be discussed at the next cluster meeting.

Issues / Concerns:

From Fnj - none at this stage, maybe Issac = dysbraxia.

None really, we are a bit concerned that Kaleb could become a victim of bullying. Maybe we could follow up on some hygiene issues to minimise this? Especially teeth!

Feedback / Action

A good start for 9Fnj. Keep expectation high for class work and home work. A few parents have requested more homework.


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