Contains info from the 3rd cluster meeting (Key Competencies)

Teachers present

(add cyphers here) stj wla, mtc, dks, fnj.

Feedback on the strategy you tried

Please feedback to the group on how successful the strategy was. 

Fill out the table below:

Teacher Strategy to try Students in mind  Feedback                              
Dks, Fnj, Mtc, Stj sentence starter Liam  Needs prompts to help him get started
Str present work visualy Liam  given choice on how he wishes to present his work
Dks, Fnj, Mtc, Stj, Str group work, movement around the class David, Luke, Elizabeth  allow discussion, pair work


How did you decide how successful the activity was? Discuss and fill out the box below.

#Success shown by pupils ability to stay engaged and complete tasks set. mtc and stj found sentence starters awesome, some students pounced on the idea some just cruised. Fnj used group work, worked well all engaged and doing the activity until they got sick of it!

Purpose of this session

The purpose for the next series of cluster meetings is to focus on one of the key competencies.  It is acknowledged that every class is different and needs a different focus to allow improvements in teaching and learning so the format of the clusters will allow each group to choose which Key Competency focus will best suit the needs of your class.

The 5 Key Competencies are:

  • Thinking
  • Relating To Others
  • Using Language, Symbols & Text
  • Managing Self
  • Participating & Contributing

After studying the definitions, I have decided that Participating & Contributing is less to do with particular teaching strategies and more to do with context.  It encourages you to provide  opportunities for your students to make connections with the school community, wider commuinty and the world by taking part in community projects, environmental work or communicating with agencies regarding issues.

As a result, the information and resources I will provide will only focus on the first 4 Key Competencies.

You do have the opportunity to focus on the fifth Key Competency within your group if you would like to.

Choosing your Key Competency focus

Provided is an overview of the first 4 Key Competencies.  The top box is the expectation as outlined in the National Curriculum document.  The bottom box contains possible indicators that students in your class, or the class as a whole, may be demonstrating.

Discuss and decide in your groups which one Key Competency you will focus on.

Fill in the box below:

 Key Competency chosen is:

# Thinking

Choosing a strategy to try

I have created  a database with a large number of teaching strategies on the new PapNet site.  It is possible to search the site according to the key competency you are interested in as a group.

Click on the Key Competency that your group has chosen to take you to the list of strategies related to that competency.  To get more information on how the strategy works, view the strategy as a single page.  In some cases there are templates and examples to guide you:

Thinking            Relating to others              Using languages, symbols & text              Managing self

To help you out, I have also provided a list of the strategies in the database under the 4 Key Competency headings.

Browse all strategies

Choose a strategy to try out in your class before the next cluster meeting (week 11).  Where possible, try one you have not used before.  You will be expected to feedback on how successful your strategy was in the next meeting.

Teacher Cypher Strategy to try
# Fnj # Discussion Donut
# Stj # Role Play
# Wla # acrostic
# Mtc # Blooms
# Dks # Expert Groups
# #

Issues / Concerns:



Feedback / Action

To be filled out by the Dean


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