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Curiosity cards | Tuia — Encounters 250

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Curiosity cards

These cards are designed to inspire inquiry.

Each has a context for exploring and learning, featuring an image of a unique heritage item of Aotearoa New Zealand and related examples of 'fertile questions'.

The cards include links to relevant online content (enabling you to access background information, basic concepts and other resources), and suggested search terms to help you locate supporting material.

A blank template is also included so that you can design your own, local cards.

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Te Rangitopeora

Image credit: Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. Gift of Wakahuia Carkeek, 1965.

Te Hōreta Taniwha and his nail

Image credit: Liam Clayton, Gisborne Herald.

The 'Crook Cook' statue

Image credit: F. Hargreaves Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library. Reference 1/1-023274-G.

Burning the forest

Image credit: British Library, Reference ADD MS 15508, folio 12.

Māori bartering with Joseph Banks

Image credit: Reserve Bank of New Zealand Museum.

A New Zealand 1951 fifty pound note

Image credit: Dylan Owen.

Mt Cook School in Wellington

Image credit: Alexander Turnbull Library, Reference MapColl-CHA-2/1/9-Acc.36440.

Tuki te Terenui Whare Pirau's map

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